What's New 2003/11/02
  • Release 0.27
  • Removed the euroglotonline dictionary because it's not available anymore
  • Added the free translation service by
What's New 2003/04/07
  • Release 0.26
  • You can now use shortcuts for translation:
  • ALT-r for 'regular mixing'
  • ALT-x for 'extra mixing'
  • ALT-i for 'big mixing'
What's New 2003/02/04
  • Release 0.25
  • User friendly "CreateDictTool"
  • Faster search offline
  • Add version for Vietnamese
  • Add Viet-Dict for offline using
    Free dictionaries, download at Ho-Ngoc-Duc Dict
  • Add Vietnamese Typing in Viet-version
What's New 2003/01/25
  • Release 0.21 written by Bart Schelstraete
  • Search online from any Euro-language to any Euro-language with
  • Rightmouse Contextmenu for SearchDictionaries and Show/Hide Langmixer toolbar
  • Additions in References-Dialog:
    Uninstallation Langmixer
    Customizable Popup-Window-Size
What's New 2003/01/21
  • Release 0.1
  • Mixing-Demos
  • Search online English-English with
  • Search online English-English with
  • Dictionary Italian-English from Chris Clemson
What's New 2003/01/05
  • Project start
  • First release, alpha version for testing CVS

The langmixer project - The Languages Mixer

Welcome To The Langmixer

Langmixer is the nickname of Languages Mixer.

This tool simulates what you did in the school when you learnt a foreign language.
If you read an unknown word in a foreign text, either you read forward without any hesitation and didn't need to understand that word, or you took a dictionary and wrote down in your native language the translation for the foreign word.
You have mixed both languages in one text.
This tool does exactly that. And so it has the name The Languages Mixer.

"Too easy! There are many many translators which could translate the whole text for me."
Maybe you think so.
Sorry my friends. Almost all translators are simply ridiculous. They try to machinize our emotions.

The Langmixer doesn't do that. It lets reader feel what he feels:

See more in "Readme"

A Very Good Information

Bart Schelstraete ( joins to Project team with his Release 0.2. (2003/01/25)

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The langmixer project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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